Katsina Water Color
Image Size 17" X 10"
"Guardian of the Child"
Oraibi, Hopi
by Artist Juan Mirabal -Taos Pueblo
CA - 1930's
  Oil On Canvas    18" X 24"  CA 1934
        Signed Mandy LeBaron LL
WPA artist from Deming New Mexico
     Good Condition, Some crazing
        Original gilded frame.
Iroquois Sacham: CA - 1888 - 1928
Artist: Percy Ives    Detroit MI.
            Oil on canvas
Excellent condition No Restoration
         "Grey Landscape" Tesuque,
                   New Mexico
            10" X 7 1/2" watercolor
            Artist: Richard G. Walton.
                 Virgina City, NV
Texas Hill Country by Pablo Lazcano.  Ca 1950 
San Antonio, Texas 
Friend and associate of Porfirio Salinas.  11" X 15"
O on C  Signed P. Lazcano  LL
Michael McKissick
3636 Dickason Ave.
Suite 4
Dallas, Texas 75219
(214) 821- 4606
(800) 615- 4606
Oil on Canvas Board
by Emily Langham
9" X 7" 
Signed LL
Ca. 1920
Newcombe College Graduate
Oil on Board by Melinda Mullins
Texarkana, Ark.
Image 16" X 12"