St. John Nepoumuk:
Patron Saint of lawyers.
3rd quarter 19th century.
Oil on canvas.
Relined with restoration.
Contemporay Frame.
28" X 37"
St. Jerome:
Patron Saint of Books And Libraries.
CA - 19th Century
Oil on canvas.
Relined with some restoration.
Contemporary frame
23" X 30"
Item - D2

Item - D1

Mexican Ex-Voto
CA - 1900 - 1920
From the state of Guererro
Ex-Votos were made asking for help from a particular saint.  In this case, Our Lady of Sorrows, asking for help in the healing process of a friend or family member.  This one has a particularly child like quality.
Oil based on wood panel
9" x 14"

Item - D5
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