24" Lgst.
Single stone
Rainbow Man pins. Lgst. 3 1/4". Zuni Ca. 1935-50
Zuni and Hopi
cuff links.
of rings.
Jet, turquoise
and a great
old copper
Michael McKissick
3636 Dickason
Suite 4
Dallas, Texas 75219
(214) 821- 4606
(800) 615- 4606
Pueblo Necklace
16" Long
with Seated Liberty 19th Century Coins
Necklace Ca. 1910 - 1920
German Silver Cross 3 1/4" high
By Bruce Caesar
Son of Julius Caesar Pawnee Silversmith
Ca. 1989

Zuni Silver and
Turquoise Belt Buckle
With Katsina Figure
3 1/2"  X  2 1/2"
Marked but maker
Ca. 1950

Indian Horse Beard Bit
19" Long
19th Century

Navajo Silver
Head Stall
19" Long
3 1/4" Concha size
19th Century
       _____  13"  ____
Persian 22K Gold & Turquoise
Paisley Patterned Filigree Pin
Gift to the owner from the
Personal Physician of
Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
The Shah of Iran

1800's fluted braclet
that was broken
and plain silver band
soldered to back to
preserve original piece
Weight 1.25 oz
Navajo Braclet
Ca. 1920'a - 30's
Ingot Silver with handcut stone
Sized for a man
Silver Braclet
Approx. 1 1/4 oz.
7" interior length
Ca. 1930's
3 Stone Silver Braclet
Twisted wire
Ca. 1930's
Navajo Buckel Ingot Silver
Fits 1" belt
Ca. 1920
Multi - Stone Ladies Braclet
with flower elements
From Estate in Colo.
Multi Stone Cast Ladies
Braclet Persian Stones Ca. 1950

Pueblo Horse Pin
Ca. 1940's
Pop Challe

Pueblo Horse
Pueblo Horse Head Pin
19th  &  20th Century
German Silver False Brouches
with Pierceing and rocker engraving
20th Century                       3+" dia.
20th Century
                     2" dia.
20th Century
                     1 1/2" dia.
5" wide